What to Know

Union Basics »

Understanding how a graduate student union might influence graduate education for you and other Pitt students is critical to forming an educated opinion. Many of your questions have likely been asked by others—such as “what is this unionization effort about?" to "what is the process for deciding on unionization?" 


Get to know the University’s view on unionization and why as well as what Pitt is doing to address graduate student questions. For instance, if there isn't a union, how does the University listen to graduate and professional student concerns? What would signing a union card mean for students? What kind of legal rights and ramifications are involved? 


Student Resources »

The University offers a variety of resources and services to support graduate and professional students. Pitt strives to provide outstanding education and training, from the availability of health care services and parental accommodations to opportunities to participate on University-wide committees that make important decisions.  

Updates »

Stay current with actions and discussions related to graduate student unionization, as we anticipate the dialogue will continue and, likely, increase as we move into the new academic year. Much like understanding the ins and outs of a union is important, so is keeping up with the latest news as it relates to the University and, most critically, you the student. 

Guidance for Faculty & Staff »

Faculty and staff are free to discuss unionization with graduate students provided they avoid some actions that may constitute unfair labor practices. Here are some guidelines for those individuals who might engage in such conversations. You can share your opinion on and experiences with a union if you wish, as well as thoughts you have about what a union may mean for students, for your program, and for graduate education at Pitt.